Consider Danville, Virginia!

Consider Danville, Virginia!

Donovan Rypkema is an internationally-known expert on place economics.  His firm specializes in services to public and non-profit sector clients who are dealing with downtown and neighborhood revitalization and the reuse of historic structures.  He recently joined us in Danville as keynote speaker for the 2018 Virginia Preservation Conference held here.

Among his comments from the podium, he said that if asked to live in a city of 50,000 or less, he would certainly consider Danville.  The quote below is from his Facebook page.

“I get to visit hundreds of places, and each has positive attributes. But take a look at Danville, Virginia, if: 1) you can take your job with you (and millions of us can); 2) you want to try your hand as a historic building developer; or 3) you want to retire. Below are 12 photos and 12 reasons to think about Danville.

1) Great inventory of historic resources available.
2) A City Council who understands the link between historic preservation and economic development.
3) A local foundation with $260 million in assets and a commitment to improve the community.
4) Small businesses that are doing business worldwide.
5) VERY affordable housing.
6) 11 miles of riverfront walking trails.
7) A pattern of success in redeveloping historic buildings, with 2 million square feet left to develop, much of which is available at a price that makes sense.
8) A good state tax credit program, and a willingness on the part of local government to also assist.
9) A Cray Super Computer that rents time to high end public and private clients.
10) A good local college.
11) Amtrak service.
12) Supportive local business community.”

Thank you Donovan Rypkema for recognizing Danville as a great place to live.

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