Halloween 2020 Challenge

The Winners

Scariest — 608 Holbrook Avenue
Sonja Ingram and Val Nozzi

Most Creative — 138 Sutherlin Avenue
Denise Verdi

Best Overall — 815 Main Street
Shaun and Sarah Robertson

Special Mentions

A Special Mention goes to Michelle Bowers for the fall/harvest theme decorations at her two homes — 122 and 124 Chestnut Street — and the home of Luke Ramsey at 218 Jefferson Avenue.  Thank you Michelle for making the historic district look even better.

Also a Special Mention to Dave Schilling and Jeannie Bell for the decorations in their rear yard and for their generous hosting this past weekend.  The costumes were great, the food was great, the music was great, and the bar was outstanding.

More Halloween Photos

122 Chestnut Street

124 Chestnut Street

407 Chestnut Street

426 Chestnut Street

838 Green Street

927 Green Street

935 Green Street

130 Holbrook Avenue

154 Holbrook Avenue

157 Holbrook Avenue

165 Holbrook Avenue

608 Holbrook Avenue

608 Holbrook Avenue Again

218 Jefferson Avenue

221 Jefferson Avenue

225 Jefferson Avenue

234 Jefferson Avenue

815 Main Street

815 Main Street Again

842 Main Street

854 Main Street

854 Main Street Again

904 Main Street

912 Main Street

944 Main Street

843 Pine Street

876 Pine Street

138 Sutherlin Avenue

144 Sutherlin Avenue

151 Sutherlin Avenue

154 Sutherlin Avenue

858 Grove Street