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The Elbert Williamson Mansion
7 bedrooms, 4.5 baths
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Just $154,900

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Old West End
National Historic

The Old West End is located in Danville, Virginia.  We’re in the south central portion of the commonwealth bordering North Carolina.  We love our:

  • Amazing collection of Victorian and Edwardian homes
  • Low home prices, low property taxes, low cost of living
  • Big city amenities with a small town feel
  • Location — 8 hours to Jacksonville, New York, or Nashville
  • Southern charm yet progressive and entrepreneurial
  • Music, art, museums, festivals, parks, trails, and sports
  • Restaurants, brewery, farmers’ market, boutique shopping
  • Convenience — daily service on Amtrak’s Crescent

A Few of our Available Historic Homes and Mansions

The Fernald House
Millionaires’ Row Victorian
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Updated – $152,000

The Judkins Mansion
The stained glass – OMG!
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Reduced to $319,900

The Worsham House
1870 Italianate
Ready for new interior
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Rehabber’s delight – $44,800

The W. H. Lipscomb House
Millionaires’ Row Victorian
c. 1884 with whirlpool, granite
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Fully restored – $199,500

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