Main Street Wrought Iron

Main Street Wrought Iron

The Old West End is brimming with beautiful wrought iron – from fences to balustrades to roof cresting.  Because we have seen so many of you walking through Millionaires’ Row for exercise while sheltering, we thought you might like to look for these seventeen (17) fine examples. All are in the 700 to 1100 blocks of Main Street.

Each of the photos below is numbered.  See if you can identify each of the photos by street number or property name.





Hint: This is an old fence in a new location





Hint: This fence was struck by cars twice in 1960. One of those was a runaway parked vehicle.


This type of roof ornamentation is called Cresting


Sometimes called Faux Balconies







Not sure this one is wrought iron but it’s beautiful


Happy hunting!