Pine Street Improvement Project

Pine Street Improvement Project

Attentive readers will have noticed numerous home sales on Pine Street.  Numbers 830, 858, and 871 have already closed with rehabilitation underway.  And 861 Pine Street will close before Christmas.

These sales and a desire to sell even more have resulted in the Pine Street Improvement Project.  Sponsored by the City of Danville and Friends of the Old West End, the project will include tree trimming on several properties, additional banners, porch repairs at 855 Pine Street, and the installation of two “rest stops.”

As shown in the photo above, tree trimming has already begun at 855 and 861 Pine Street.  Three more properties will be cleared.

The planned rest stops will include a park bench, a shade tree, and a dog waste station with bags and small trash receptacle.

Stay tuned for more photos as improvements continue.

  1. also lived at 830 pine for about 5 years
    we saved it from demolition
    Jean has the house now

  2. I grew up at 830 Pine Street and your articles about that area mean so much to me. I am looking forward to the results of the finished project.
    The article on Dan Daniels was wonderful. He did a great thing for my husband and because of that I will never forget him.
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy every article.

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